Good News! You don’t have to Pick & Choose!
All our features are included!

People & Families

Keep track of People & Families. Quickly find the info you need for any member, attender, visitor or prospect.

Stay Connected

Easily filter through your database to locate the person or group you’re looking for. Then print address labels, copy email addresses – or send an email or text message straight from the system (no extra cost) to any person, group or team. You heard correctly…No Extra Cost for bulk messaging!

Attendance Tracking

Whether your church does ‘head-count’ or if they do person-by-person attendance tracking, you can easily input attendance data for your services and events.


Get a clear view of the demographics of the people who attend your church. Age groups, gender, ethnicity and more.


Benchmarks are targets that you want people to hit. Create and track benchmarks to see how people are taking steps, such as Water Baptism.


Tags are an easy way to group people in your database. It’s essentially limitless. Just create a new tag, such as “Baseball Lovers” and connect people to that Tag. It’s super quick and easy to create new tags, then you can quickly identify and communicate with everybody with that tag.

Small Groups

If your church does small groups, you’ll LOVE this feature. We make it easy to setup, manage and track attendance for all your small groups. Plus, we give you a custom link you can embed into your website or paste into your social media to share all your active groups. SO Simple!

Volunteer Tracking

Setup your different volunteer teams and keep track of the people serving each week. Also, we help you see who hasn’t served in a while.

"Automated" Follow-Up Notifications

This is a game-changer. Our pre-built triggers allow you to custom-build your own follow-up plan that will run on auto-pilot. We’ll automatically remind you and your staff (via email, text message, or both) of what needs to be done each day. Plus built-in accountability so nothing slips through the cracks.

Trend Charts

Easily access line graphs and bar charts showing the attendance trends for your church services, small groups, events and also the activity trends of your volunteer teams. This gives you a birds-eye view of how things are ‘trending’.


We offer lots of helpful reports to get the info you need. Personal data such as Birthdays. Attendance data such as First-time visitors. Benchmark data such as Baptisms. Lots of reports, but not in a confusing way – Ours are SIMPLE.

Financial Contribution Tracking

Super-simple input screen for adding contributions, plus great reports including our 1-click end-of-year tax reports.

Unlimited Users

No limit to the number of users you can create in your account. You can add your staff, team leaders, ministry leaders, and each of them will be able to have their own login info.

Custom Roles and Permissions

Setup different Roles (such as Finance Administration or Standard User) and then assign permissions for each Role. This helps you give precise access to each user so they see what they need to, and don’t see what they don’t need to.

Import your data
(or let us)

If you’ve been using another system, or if you have a spreadsheet with all your data, we make it easy to import into your new account. OR if you’d rather, we’ll take care of it all for you. No worries – We’re happy to import your data – and we won’t charge a cent for doing it!

High-Level Security & Back-ups

We take security VERY seriously. All of your data is encrypted and protected. Plus, we make multiple daily back-ups to keep your data safe.

Web-Based Software

Access your account anywhere you have an internet connection and from multiple devices. Multiple team members can be working in the software at the same time.

Your Rates NEVER Increase (NEVER)

Some companies charge you more when your church grows. We never increase your rates no matter how many people you add to your database. And, even if our rates increase in the future, you’re locked in and your monthly cost will stay the same.

Lifetime Updates

As we update our software to stay current and make sure it’s up-to-speed, updates are automatically applied to your account, and completely free of cost. It’s like getting free oil-changes in your car forever.

Caring Support

We have a complete library of video tutorials to walk you through everything. But if you need help, our caring and capable support team is ready to help whenever you need them.


Packed with great features