Why ChurchTracer Will Help Your Church Succeed

We believe that local churches are the hope of the world, and that God has chosen to use churches to impact and save communities.  But we also know that many churches have been distracted and hurt because of the difficulties of tracking, organizing and managing the details.

"We were skeptical at first because of the low price, but we’ve been very pleasantly surprised. Does everything we need and more for a fraction of the other programs we looked at."

~Pastor Johnson


We didn’t start as a software company… We started as church consultants working hands-on with churches.

Several years ago, we recognized a common problem in the churches everywhere.  Churches were struggling with Attendance Tracking, Follow-up management and a few other “organizing” issues.  The main issue was follow-up.  Churches wanted to do it, but found it virtually impossible to keep up with it.  Spreadsheets were a valiant effort, but after a few weeks, they would become confusing and useless.

We decided that there needed to be a tool that would keep things organized, and remind church leaders of the things that needed to be done so that they could stay focused on what they were called to do.  That’s when the early version of Church Tracer was sketched out.

Soon after releasing that mini-version to a small group of ministers, the message was abundantly clear, that this software was something churches wanted and needed.  We worked quickly to develop the first commercial version of the software, released it in 2009, and we’ve never looked back.

We’ve added lots of features and options over the years, and we continue to improve all the time.

Today, we’re blessed to be able to serve hundreds of churches all over the world.



Our Mission is very clear:  To help churches reduce the frustration of attendance tracking, follow-up management, and overall church management.

We’ve built a complete web-based package that offers “most” of what any church would need.  Attendance Tracking, Follow-Up Management including our “Automated” Follow-up Technology, Financial Contributions Tracking, Groups, Demographics, Reports and Trend Charts, and a lot more.  (see our Full Features List here)

With Church Tracer, your rates will never go up.  When we release new upgrades, you get it all for the same cost.  And, unlike other systems, we don’t think you should be punished when your church grows, so your cost will always be the same no matter how many people you add into your database.

We don’t claim to be the biggest.  We don’t claim to be the most complex.  We simply want to provide a tool that reduces frustrations, helps churches become more efficient and effective, is easy to use, and is so affordable that any church is able to use it.

We understand the joys and pains of church leadership.  We would love to partner with you.  We’re striving to make a positive impact in the lives of the churches we serve, and by doing so, making a positive difference in the world for God.

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